Artemisia, a solution at the heart of "One Health"

The range of applications of Artemisia is constantly expanding and continues to amaze us!

Traditional application and modern pharmacological research of Artemisia annua. L.Xinchi Feng et al., 2020

In recent years, the pace of medical publications on Artemisia annua and afra has accelerated. In human and animal health, new scientific articles open up extremely interesting perspectives, particularly on certain cancers.

Artemisia spp.: An Update on Its Chemical Composition, Pharmacological and Toxicological Profiles. Javad Sharifi-Rad et al. 2022

From a purely veterinary point of view, Artemisia is very effective in treating coccidiosis in hens and parasitemia (strongyles, strongyloides, coccidia and cestodes) in sheep.

This is enough to revolutionize the dependence of many breeders on medication!

More and more scientific articles highlight its antifungal, insecticidal, nematicidal and phytotoxic virtues, recognizing Artemisia’s great potential as a biopesticide.

In the field, the repellent effect of Artemisia against mosquitoes and insect pests is also proven.

In order to preserve the health of our environment, let’s remember that the carbon footprint of our local Artemisia-based treatment has been evaluated at 88% lower than an ACT* according to the independent and committed climate strategy consulting firm Carbone 4.

Thanks to our partners, we have finally identified all the properties of Artemisia, which are now scientifically recognized.

 * Artemisinin-based polytherapy, a treatment recommended by the WHO for simple malaria.

Artemisia is a perfect fit for the One Health initiative

The One Health initiative is a movement created in the early 2000s that promotes an integrated, systemic and unified approach to public, animal and environmental health at local, national and global levels. It aims in particular to deal better with emerging diseases with pandemic risk.

Indeed, human and animal health are inseparable and closely linked to each other and to the environment in which humans and animals evolve.

The future is bright for Artemisia annua and afra !