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Our story

Lucile Cornet-Vernet

Our team

Our work

Our main goals are :

Charter and shared quality label

Sustainable and responsible production

Pesticide-free, GMO-free production.

Fair income

For farmers, processors and resellers.

Responsible processing

Drying, shredding and packaging under clearly defined hygiene standards.

Fair price

Affordable sales price to ensure the most deprived have access to the herbal tea.

Sharing knowledge, expertise and experience within the network

Joint communication

Ongoing projects

Expand La Maison de l'Artemisia network
to countries where we are not yet established
Continue agronomic research
to gain a better understanding of the technical itinerary of the seed from planting to processing for each biotope.
Assist in the publication of medical studies
in scientific journals.
Multiply local partnerships
to spread knowledge of the plant.

Support our work

Support our work

Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us

The book

The book

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