Training in the Province of Haut-Uele in DRC

Haut-Uele is a province in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Province is divided into one town (Ville d’Isiro) and six territories: Rungu, Niangara, Dungu, Faradje, Watsa and Wamba.

Dr. Patient KALOMA, Head of the Petit Nord Kivu House of Artemisia since 2019, was tasked with conducting training in this Province of Haut Uélé at the end of February.

One of the missions of the Houses of Artemisia is to organize agronomic and medical trainings in line with the latest scientific data.

With the help of a presentation developed by the Maison de l’Artemisia in France and enriched by field work, Dr. Patient and an agronomist were able to present issues related to malaria and the cultivation, transformation and promotion of Artemisia.

The first training session was held in Dungu territory.

Our partner in Dungu is the Congregation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction La Mennaies (headed by  Brother Jean Marie). The process is underway to become the House of Artemisia in Dungu.

Dr Patient KALOMA
An agricultural engineer explains cultivation methods
Practical training
Participants receive a certificate upon completion of the training course

Second training session in Faradje, 144 km from Dungu.

Faradje lies on the Garamba National Park where malaria is still very common.

Several high ranking personalities took part in the training:  territorial administrator, head doctor of the area, park delegate…

In Faradje, the partner of La Maison de l’Artemisia is the Faradje Agricultural Cooperative for Development (CAFD). The CAFD is a limited liability company under Congolese law headed by Robert BELL MADRAKELE ALAKABICAFD. Its social purpose is agriculture and combating malaria through the use of Artemisia herbal tea. It is a large network composed of individuals with different skills, men and women who are committed to strengthening their capacities in new techniques of sustainable agriculture. The CAFD could become the House of Artemisia in Faradje.

Dr. Patient promotes Artemisia awareness to women and children

Outreach meeting in Isiro

Dr. Patient seized the opportunity of the beginning of March, Women’s Month, to organize an Artemisia awareness-raising meeting with all the representatives of women’s associations. The subject of the meeting was the responsibility of the woman as the pillar of the household and in particular her primary role in community health.

All the women expressed their enthusiasm and determination to adopt Artemisia as an effective solution to eradicate malaria.