Professor Mazier talks about the progress of her project on Artemisia

One of the missions of the Maison de l’Artemisia is to accelerate research on Artemisia annua and afra herbal teas!

A big thank you to Professor Emeritus Dominique Mazier for having dared to work on these plants! Other renowned researchers are following in her footsteps!


Dominique Mazier, a medical researcher in immuno-parasitology, is currently studying the use of two plants from China and South Africa, Artemisia annua and afra, on the different stages of development of malaria at the Centre for Immunology and Infectious Diseases (Sorbonne University / Inserm / CRNS). This project, supported by the Sorbonne University Foundation and the Maison de l’Artemisia association, raises the prospect of discovering new antimalarial compounds.

Our project, using different models developed in our laboratory, consists in the comparative study of the activity of infusions of Artemisia annua (rich in artemisinin) and Artemisia afra (without artemisinin) on different developmental stages of the parasite, including those that form hypnozoites (dormant hepatic stages that cause relapses). Initial data clearly demonstrate a potent inhibitory activity, independent of artemisinin.

These initial results raise the prospect of discovering new antimalarial compounds, including one that would be effective in preventing relapses that impede parasite control.

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