Partnership with the Haller Foundation

Maison de l’Artemisia is delighted to announce at ChangeNow 2024 our partnership with the Haller Foundation, for the development of the Haller Farmers app, to support farmers in their transition to agro-ecology.

“The future of agriculture lies not in the intensification of production, but in the intensification of knowledge. We need the integrated approach that agro-ecology can offer”, declared the FAO when presenting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for transition to sustainable agriculture and food systems. Agro-ecology is now the key to food security, guaranteeing social and economic equality, while preserving the biodiversity and environment on which agriculture depends.

Compile and disseminate knowledge

The challenge today is to compile and disseminate knowledge, best practices and innovations that can support small-scale producers and the development of agro-ecological practices, helping them to move away from unsuitable intensive farming that uses chemical inputs and impoverishes soils and communities.

This is the aim of our partnership with the Haller Foundation to disseminate this knowledge to small farmers in Africa via the Haller Farmers application.

Haller Farmers is a mobile application, created by the Haller Foundation in 2014 and recognised by the FAO. It provides small-scale farmers in Africa with information on both traditional and innovative techniques that are affordable, local, organic and environmentally friendly. It is constantly being enhanced, networking farmers via a chat facility as part of a co-creation and knowledge-sharing approach, providing weather information and price quotes, etc. It can also be used offline, which is essential for a population with little access to WiFi.

Haller Farmers application in French

La Maison de l’Artemisia has translated the application into French and enriched it with its expertise and knowledge of artemisia annua and afra in the fight against malaria and for human, environmental and animal health (One Health).

Our partnership with the Haller Foundation means that the Haller agricultural application is now available in April 2024 in the third most widely spoken language on the continent. This makes existing sustainable farming techniques more readily available to millions more small-scale farmers to begin the transition to agro-ecology, network, protect and improve the health of their communities, as well as that of their livestock and soils.

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