Dada in Kavuaya - an example of a successful partnership

Dada, 25 years old, has a state diploma in agriculture and suffers from a disability. Under the impetus of Dr. Nathan Bundutidi, the House of Artemisia supported him in his move from his village to Kavuya, 4 km from Kisantu, where he is launching the agroecological center KongoTerra_Nature.  

With the help of two permanent workers and other day labourers on his 3 hectare farm, he cultivates ½ ha Artemisia producing the equivalent of 6,000 treatments.

Together with his team supervised by Jacques LUTETE, engineer, he is in charge of practical agronomic training and the different stages of cultivation and processing:

  • Seed beds, planting, propagation …
  • Harvest
  • Drying on tarpaulin

Two crops have already been harvested in one year and yields are improving.

Shredding and packaging is carried out at the House of Artemisia in Kisantu,

Distribution to end customers is  coordinated by the national DRC House of Artemisia.

Ultimately, Dada will add a mixture of soybean, turmeric and Lipia multiflora crops to the farm