Conference Making More Health Together - 11 & 12 November 2021

Making More Health (MMH) is a global partnership between Boehringer Ingelheim and Ashoka, built on three pillars: social innovation, culture of change and cross-sector collaboration.

The program is a long-term initiative to improve the health of populations worldwide. It aims to identify and support the most promising solutions to health challenges.

The annual conference on 11 & 12 November will be an opportunity to celebrate 10 years of Making More Health with you, but at the same time, an opportunity to begin a new chapter of change and the development of new opportunities to co-create a better future.

Program 11 & 12 November

Lucile Cornet-Vernet, founder of La Maison de l’Artemisia, will speak on 12  November from 11am to 12pm on the topic “What if a herbal plant could treat malaria?”

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