Seed Production

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Mark seed plants

before pruning and/or harvesting (e.g. with a ribbon).

Do not harvest

the leaves of Artemisia annua seed plants as this may limit the amount of seeds produced.

Reduce watering by half

after flowering to encourage seed production.

Reduce by a further half

ss soon as the fruit has set, by watering the plants at the crown and not by sprinkling, as the moisture will cause the fruit to rot.

Shelter seed plants

from wind to prevent seeds flying away.

Leave seed plants standing

until the leaves dry and the whole plant turns brown (1 or 2 months) to allow the seeds to form properly and have time to ripen.

Seed collection

Do not harvest the seeds too early (they must have time mature correctly) or too late (seeds will fall to the ground and be lost).

Never use leaves from seed plants for herbal tea as they no longer contain active molecules!

Seed storage

Store seeds away from light, moisture and heat in a tightly sealed plastic or glass bottle.

Drying systems can be used, such as silica gel, rice or charcoal.

The pot of seeds can be stored in the ground to keep seeds cool and protected from light.

Seeds can be stored for up to 3 years at room temperature, but seeds produced under African conditions generally lose their germinative power after one year.

Never put self-produced seeds in the refrigerator as this will drastically reduce germination!