Powder Production

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Powder is extremely susceptible to contamination by mould and bacteria. It is highly sensitive to moisture and grinding into fine particles considerably increases penetration of micro-organisms and oxidation of the active molecules!

We recommend that only Artemisia annua and Artemisia afra be used in herbal teas.

However, powder is useful and effective for the production of capsules and tablets, in combination with food and even in production of suppositories.


the dried crop to remove blemished, mouldy and damaged plant material as well as soil particles, stones and other foreign matter [1]
There is a wide variation in stem (red, green and brown) and leaf (green and brown) colours that are not indicators of quality.


leaves and stems with a pestle or with a conventional hammer mill with 16 or 24 hammers to obtain the finest possible segments.

NB: Parts of the central stems that are too thick for grinding (1 inch thick) can be used as incense sticks with antiseptic, purifying and mosquito repellent properties.


if necessary, the ground material in hermetically sealed containers in a cool, ventilated and shaded location.

Care must be taken to avoid overheating (of the shredder or any other method of grinding) as this causes the loss of volatile molecules and therefore reduces the efficacy of the Artemisia!


with a fine sieve (maximum mesh size 2 mm) to obtain fine powder to fill capsules correctly or to mix into honey.


the fine powder in hermetically sealed jars and keep in a cool, ventilated and shaded location.


the jars of fine powder in the freezer for 3 days to ensure that any insect eggs are destroyed. Jars must be tightly closed and airtight so that any condensation only occurs on the outside and does not re-humidify the Artemisia.


leave the jars out of the freezer for about 24 hours until the temperature is raised.


the powder in clean, dry and preferably new small jars or sachets [1-2].

Use kraft paper accepted for food hygiene or food grade plastic and close tightly with tape, knot or other reliable system.